Backlash Catalyst now on tap!!

In March of 2013 Backlash released its first American styled beer, “Salute” a Double IPA featuring Citra and Simcoe hops sourced from Boston Beer Company’s Hop Sharing Program. Salute received extremely positive reviews and motivated Backlash founder Helder Pimentel to explore the Double IPA style further.

“We’re grateful to have been able to brew such an awesome beer and have our loyal customers drink it like their mouths were on fire. To keep all our crazy hop head fans happy, we’re going to be rocking out a few other Double IPAs — we’re calling it our “Uprising!” series. Here’s the concept: The malt backbone of Salute will remain the same while we rotate through a few different hops/combinations of hops.”

The Uprising! series will include three beers, the first of which Backlash is calling “Catalyst.” “Catalyst is similar in hop intensity, both in aroma and flavor, to Salute. However the main hop featured in Catalyst is Amarillo, whereas in Salute, the Citra hop was most prominent,” said Pimentel. “Drinkers can expect a more grapefruit-forward profile versus the tropical fruit notes of Salute. Catalyst will check-in at the same ABV and IBU levels as Salute.”