Kristen Merlin is gonna fight the snow!!!

That’s right even in inclement weather our girl is gonna belt out the tunes!!! Starting early for a Saturday, 9pm till Midnight, Kristen Merlin is gonna be killin it in our lounge. If you made it to our Christmas Party this year you know it’s gonna be a blast, ifRead More…

Just Tapped Santa’s gift………

We just tapped “St.Bernardus-Christmas Ale” A Belgian Style Christmas Ale packed full of intense favors and serious complexity. It pops with a whopping 10%ABV per usual we’re letting it be enjoyed 10oz servings, but believe us it’s high octane stuff! The Belgian Yeast used here gives the standard banana andRead More…

They’re baaaaack!!!!!!

Join us on Tonight forĀ  The Smoking Jackets. Unwind with the boys after shopping for the last month at our Pre-Christmas bash. Show starts at 10pm but get here early because as always we will be packed!!! Never ones to disappoint we know you’ll have a blast!!

Brian and Jim review beer

Jim and Brian review Troeg’s Mad Elf

In the spirit of Mad Elf Beer Flights here is the re-release Mad Elf on Stars on Tap in December 2012